New Gadgets to look forward to in 2021!

2021 Gadget Trends

2020 has just ended and Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Sony, and AMD actually delivered on their coolest and smartest gadgets that already surpassed our expectations. Just got your new PS5 console? How about the IPhone12 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20? Have you checked the M1 chip in Apple’s new laptops and the Mac Mini? Don’t get lost in time as we already have new graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD! Hold on tight, there’s more on to our plate! Want to know what will be the new Tech gadgets and inventions to expect on this year? Find out below!

1. Apple AirTags

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Yes! They’re coming! We’ve heard rumors that Apple will be launching a Tile-rivalling tracker and they have just confirmed last April 2020 that it will finally happen. Although, we still don’t know when it will be released, we can line up this gadget to the most promising gadgets for this year. It is still unconfirmed the price range that Apple will release the AirTags.

What can we expect from this new gadget?

  • Provide “Find My”-style services for anything
  • Pinpoint items to within inches
  • Ultimately work with AR
  • Leverage Apple’s U1 chip for directional finding
  • Potentially alert you when you leave an item behind

Sounds exciting for apple users, right?

2. Nintendo Switch Pro

Rumors were circling in the Tech world about the new version of Nintendo Switch. This version has a lot to offer to their Nintendo fans, including the powerful screen! Bloomberg reported that Nintendo Co. will begin production on a new Nintendo Switch console at the end of 2020 to release them in Q1 2021. The release date for the Nintendo Switch Pro has not been confirmed yet.

3. OnePlus Smartwatch

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Another promising gadget from the maker of phones and phone accessories, OnePlus Smartwatch, has been brought to the spotlight. OnePlus Company CEO Pete Lau confirmed on Twitter that the watch will land early in 2021.

What to expect on this new OnePlus Smartwatch:

  • Bright AMOLED always-on display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus
  • Wear OS with some tweaks
  • Accurate heart rate and GPS sensor, NFC remote payments, wireless charging, OnePlus’ signature Warp Charging, as well as blood oxygen monitoring
  • this can’t possibly come cheap :p

With the existing smartwatches in the market today (Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch, etc.), we are all hoping that OnePlus smartwatch will have an edge and define the real smartwatch that we need.

4. SprayCare Band

COVID-19 is still around the corner, and the best way to protect ourselves is to have a proper sanitation and use disinfectant always! Startup company SprayCare has launched a Kickstarter project featuring a disinfecting wristband designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Sounds cool, right? You can add this up to your go to COVID-fighting accessories. According to their site, the product will be available by March 2021.

Check out some of its features below:

  • Has the capacity for about 50 applications of 3 seconds before it needs to be refilled.
  • 5ml Sprayer’s capacity
  • Uses one of the latest generation atomizers to spray disinfectant at the touch of a button.
  • Band is hypoallergenic
  • Work with liquid hand sanitizers
  • Uses 80mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and takes about 8 minutes to fully recharge it.
  • Can also be used to spray essential oils and perfume from its reusable canister (that’s cool! ^_^)

Take a look at how the SprayCare wristband works in the video above. You can head over to the dedicated Kickstarter campaign to back the project starting at $31 USD.

5. Zoox Autonomous Personal Vehicle

<noscript><img decoding=async class= wp image 2786 lazyload src=httpswwwesquarepartscomwp contentuploads202101106810720 1607953690861 Zoox Autonomous Vehicle Single Side Coit Tower SFjpg alt= width=399 height=224 srcset=httpswwwesquarepartscomwp contentuploads202101106810720 1607953690861 Zoox Autonomous Vehicle Single Side Coit Tower SFjpg 630w httpswwwesquarepartscomwp contentuploads202101106810720 1607953690861 Zoox Autonomous Vehicle Single Side Coit Tower SF 600x337jpg 600w sizes=max width 399px 100vw 399px ><noscript> Amazons self driving company Zoox unveiled its autonomous robotaxi

Can you remember those movies highlighting how cars will look like in the 20th century? I guess we’re already on that era! Amazon’s self-driving company, Zoox, debuted an electric, fully driverless vehicle that’s built for ride hailing. This “carriage-style” car has been designed wherein passengers face each other and there’s no space for a driver or passenger seat, since there’s no steering wheel. It has space for up to four passengers.

Check out its exciting features below:

  • The shuttle is 142.9 inches long, and has top speed of 75mph, the company claims
  • all-wheel-steering Zoox is also bidirectional
  • equipped with a unique airbag system that, Zoox says, gives each of the four passengers “five-star crash safety protections”
  • the vehicle is outfitted with a host of sensors including lidar to help to navigate the road
  • The company says it has 360 degrees of overlapping views and can see nearly 500 feet away in every direction.

This sounds exciting and futuristic! We can already confirm that the shuttle will be built in the U.S., but there is no word on a manufacturing partner or a timeline for production.

These are just few of some awesome gadgets that we are expecting to come this year! There will be more of these that our techy minds will be happy to look forward to!

Stay tuned for more of these techy knowledge stuff! Ciao! ^_^

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