Macbook Pro Bottom Case Foot Replacement Tutorial

Macbook Pro Bottom Case Foot Replacement Tutorial

Have you encounter your MacBook’s feet suddenly fell off? Users that are using MacBook Pros that are shipped during October 2009 to April 2011 may face this problem. It seems like its components used has something to do with it. The adhesive of the original design dries out by the heat of the laptop and that is the reason it becomes unglued and in the end the foot falls off. MacBook Pros that are still covered under the Apple Limited Warranty can receive replacement rubber foot/feet without charge. For out-of-warranty MacBook Pro, may have charges. Apple also offers a Bottom Case Foot Replacement DIY Kit for this issue.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to replace your bottom case foot in the easiest way possible. You can find the replacement here if you don’t want to choose the solution Apple provides.

Things you need:

Bottom Case Rubber Feet Replacements
Phillips Head screwdriver
Tri-wing screwdriver


STEP 1. Use the Phillips Head screwdriver to loosen all the screws you can see at the bottom case of the MacBook Pro.

STEP 2. Once you’ve completed removing all the head screws, lift up the bottom case cover to show the inside of your unit.

STEP 3. Put the Macbook Pro bottom case foot replacement part right on the hole with the loose foot. Make sure that it fits perfectly.
Do the same on the rest.

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