How to Remove the Kindle Fire Hd 6 Rear Facing Camera and Motherboard

Kindle Fire Hd 6 Rear Facing Camera and Motherboard

Kindle Fire HD 6 is a 6″ tablet with a quad-core processor and 1280 x 800 screen resolution. You can only start fixing your Kindle Fire HD by opening its back cover to reveal everything inside that makes it work. You can find tools here if you will fix it yourself. Opening the back cover of Kindle Fire HD 6 doesn’t require any professional skills. If you wish to fix your unit or there is any specific broken part that you want to replace, this is the first step. It will only take a little amount of time to open your Kindle Fire HD 6. Also, you will only need some right tools (it depends on the kind of repair that you will do) to get your repair done perfectly.
Tools you need:
Torx Screwdriver
Pry tool

STEP 1. First, open up the back case using a pry tool.
STEP 2. Then, unplug the battery connecting from the motherboard.
STEP 3. Also unplug all other cables from the motherboard.
STEP 4. Remove all the screws from the motherboard using a Torx screwdriver.
STEP 5. Remove also the two screws holding the rear camera in place.
STEP 6. Then, remove the rear camera.
STEP 7. Lift the motherboard to remove it.

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