Guide on Replacing a Laptop Keyboard

Guide on Replacing a Laptop Keyboard

Something spilled on to your laptop keyboard and now you can’t use it because it got broken. Don’t worry, it is not a reason to be anxious. Replacing a laptop keyboard only requires a little knowledge. Fixing your own gadgets can save you money and it really gives you a sense of satisfaction. This laptop tutorial covers on how replacing a laptop keyboard in general. Determine the right part number of the keyboard you are replacing and its other compatible part models to prevent future troubles like how the keyboard fits your laptop.

Spudger Tool
Keyboard replacement

STEP 1. Make sure to take out the battery of your laptop. Undo the lock of the laptop to safely remove your battery.

STEP 2. There are pins that are holding the keyboard in place. Depending on the laptop model, pins may vary in quantity.

STEP 3. Gently unlock each pin with the spudger.

STEP 4. Raise the keyboard to see where its ribbon cable is.

STEP 5. Turn up the lock to release the keyboard ribbon cable.

STEP 6. Get your new replacement keyboard

STEP 7. Align the ribbon cable with the lock. Pop in the ribbon cable. Push it in, flip back the connector lock. Ensure it is fastened securely in the right position.

STEP 8. Move the ribbon cable in the right place underneath.

STEP 9. Place back the keyboard. You will hear a clicking sound.

STEP 10. Put back the battery and power on your laptop to check if the new keyboard is working.


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