Deals just for Repair Shop Owner

Repair Shop Owner


Hey Electronic repair shop,

Be part of eSquareParts wholesale family and take advantage to our inventory, promos and discount. By signing up with us, will make you part of our family and we will also make sure to works towards your customer’s satisfaction and Growth.


Do the math.

We know how hard you work. Let us handle the headache of finding quality parts so you can focus on what you do best.


Nine out of ten repair shop owner option in to be a member of eSquareParts family. They realize a practical and easy way of restocking. 


All eSquareParts family member leverage to our high quality and quantity volume of laptop, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, macBook, camera and many more parts.

After easy registration , you will be connected with our representative directly to receive customized fast upgrading and skipping grade service.

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