How to Remove a Face Plate and Putting It in a 2nd Hard Disk Drive Caddy

Replacing Faceplate

Do you want to expand your laptop’s memory and do not know how to? Well, the good news is you can do that by replacing your optical drive with another Hard Disk Drive. Here is a simple and easy guide to get through to your problem and have a 2nd Hard Disk Drive memory.

Things needed:
Pry Tool / Flathead Screwdriver

STEP 1. Pop out the faceplate from the optical drive.
STEP 2. Pry the edges of the faceplate with a pry tool or a flathead screwdriver.
STEP 3. Once the faceplate tab has loosened, remove the faceplate from the optical drive.
STEP 4. And then on your HDD caddy, remove also the faceplate by prying it.
STEP 5. Put the replacement faceplate for the optical drive to the HDD caddy.
STEP 6. Make sure it is aligned properly and the tabs will go in perfectly.
STEP 7. Check if it fits with the hard drive caddy.
STEP 8. Before putting the Hard Drive inside, remove the Hard Drive spacer inside the caddy.
STEP 9. Put the Hard Drive inside. Aligned it properly
STEP 10. Ensure that it is installed well.
STEP 11. Turn on your laptop and check if reads your newly installed 2nd HDD on your C: drive. Once found, it is now successfully installed

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