Tips to protect your smartphone from Theft

Almost everyone now has a smartphone. We can’t live without them. We even treat them as our own baby. Like us, their security is also vulnerable. So here are simple tips to protect your smartphone and other devices.


  1. Always put passwords

Of course, upon getting a new phone, you MUST protect it with password whether a pattern lock or a PIN lock.

Be aware that a face lock is not that secure to use because a person with the same features as you can unlock your device.


  1. Install softwares from trusted sources

Check the publisher. Only download from a trusted source or when downloading applications from third-party apps make sure to read users’ comments and reviews.


  1. Install a Mobile Security App.

You will need this to protect you from malware and spyware. It will protect your identity, from infected applications and unauthorized surveillance.


  1. Set up SIM card lock

This can help you if your smartphone was stolen so thieves cannot access your contacts.

You can also report it to your service provider so they can block your number so that it will be no longer in use


  1. Keep your apps and OS updated.

Make sure the apps you use are always the latest versions because it comes with updates for bug fixes.


  1. Track your device.

You can still locate your device if it went missing or got stolen. But also to do this, it requires some WI-FI connection. For iOS users, you can seek help on Find my iPhone and for Android users, this is a guide I found very helpful on Trendblog.


  1. Back up your files!

It won’t hurt if your device got stolen when your files are backed up. Use OneDrive, iCloud or Dropbox!


  1. Lock your apps

To protect you from a stranger accessing your device, you must install an app locker.


  1. Use Secure Network

As much as possible refrain from using public WIFI, you’ll never know who’s out there to hack your data


  1. Don’t save all your passwords. Keep it private.

As a part also of your personal protection, keep your passwords private or don’t automatically save them. You don’t want to give other people privilege to access your personal accounts, do you?

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