There would be no one who has no troubles with their smartphone’s battery, especially those who uses their phone all the time. Here are some simple tips to conserve and efficiently use your battery life.


  • Use dark wallpapers, dark themes and launcher

For smartphone users that have an AMOLED screen, using something dark such as wallpaper or themes can save your battery life.


  • Avoid auto-brightness

Turn away from using auto-brightness or just set your smartphone’s brightness to a level your eyes is comfortable with.


  • Disable vibration and feedbacks

We know vibrations on our smartphones uses a lot of energies. If a sound is enough to get you notified, then switch off the vibration.


  • Use shorter screen timeout

The longer the time your screen display is on, of course, the more battery it uses. Set your screen timeout to shorter periods to reduce battery draining.


  • Disable any smart features that you don’t use

Just like eye tracking feature and air gesture capabilities, disable any of these when you don’t need them.


  • Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/mobile data, NFC, and GPS features if you don’t need to use it at the moment

Turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/mobile data, NFC, and GPS when you just need to use them or limit the use one only. You don’t need to use mobile data when you’re on Wi-Fi or the other way around.


  • Avoid using unnecessary widgets

They drain the battery too much. Use only what you need or don’t use anything to prevent battery draining.


  • Use power saving mode

Don’t forget to enable power saving mode on your smartphone. There’s a bunch of power management app you can install for your android smartphone.


  • Disable auto-sync/push notifications

If you can check your e-mail via computer then disable auto-sync on your phone.


  • Updates apps you only want to update

If you set your apps to automatically update every time, then most likely you will always have a drained battery because all of your applications will update. Set it to only when you need to update apps so you can choose which apps only needs updating.

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