iPhone 6 Ear Speaker

iPhone 6 Ear Speaker Replacement Guide

It’s been a while since the iPhone 6 was released. How are you enjoying your new iPhone now? Disasters may happen anytime, anywhere. One of the most fragile part of the smartphone is the earpiece speaker. With its everyday use, your earpiece speaker’s performance might become poorer and poorer. It can also damage by some kind of disaster.

If you are dealing with broken iPhone 6 Ear Speaker, then here’s a replacement guide that you might be needing to end up that dilemma.

WARNING: We highly suggest to read the whole replacement guide below before applying it to your iPhone. We will not be accountable to any damages that you may cause during this process.
Tools needed:

Earpiece Speaker Module



    • Remove two bottom screws with a pentalobe screw driver.

bottom screws remove two bottom screws


    • Now, remove the front screen glass using suction cup.

Open it from the home button side or the bottom side of the iphone.
NOTE: Apple didn’t use adhesive for iPhone 6 front screen glass so you will easily remove it.
use suction cup remove front glass
open carefully rest LCD glass assembly
TIPS: If the front screen glass is shuttered severely, you could put some packaging to it before removing with a suction cup.


    • Remove the 5 LCD screws with 00 Philip Screw driver on LCD Digitizer Flex Cables’ shield.

remove LCD Digitizer Flex Cables shield


    • Remove LCD Digitizer Flex Cables’ shield.

remove LCD Digitizer Flex Cables shield


    • Unplug 4 LCD Digitizer Flex Cables.

remove LCD Digitizer Flex Cables


    • Remove 3 philip screws from the earpiece speaker metal shield.

remove earpiece speaker shied screws


    • Remove earpiece speaker metal shield.

remove earpiece speaker shied


    • Unplug the proximity flex cable.

unplug proximity flex cable


    • Remove earpiece speaker module.

remove earpiece speaker module



    • Put the replacement earpiece speaker in.

NOTE: Make sure that you align it with the proximity flex cable otherwise, it won’t work.

put replacement earpiece speaker in


    • Align shield and put back in the 3 screws.

screw in the shield


    • Plug all 4 LCD Digitizers flex cables to the board.

Make sure that all 4 LCD Digitizer Flex Cable were securely pinned.
plug LCD digitizers back in plug LCD digitizers back in


    • Align the LCD Digitizer Flex Cables shield and put back all Philip screws.

plug LCD digitizers back in

put back LCD digtizer shield screws


    • Now put the LCD screen Assembly back to the mid frame bezel.

NOTE: Carefully press all sides of the screen and make sure that it is tightly pressed.

  • Insert the two pentalobe bottom screws back.

And you’re done!!

Now power-On your device.
Test if the replacement earpiece speaker is functioning well.


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