iPad2 Cracked Digitizer Screen

Apple iPad2 Cracked Digitizer Screen Replacement Guide

Hey guys! How’s you iPad2 doin’? Here’s a guide on how to replace iPad2 cracked digitizer screen glass. Check this one out!

WARNING: We highly suggest to read the whole replacement guide below before applying it to your iPad. We will not be accountable to any damages that you may cause during this process.

Tools needed:

tool set

Step 1 Remove the cracked/damaged digitizer glass.

  • Switch off your iPad.
  • Apply heat all the corners of LCD screens. Start at the bottom of the Screen, and then on the way up.
  • Note: Make sure not to overly apply heat on the ipad. You might melt or damage other internal parts of it.

    apply heat on digitizer use heat gun


  • Use spudger to insert and make a gap between digitizer screen glass and digitizer frame. While the spudger is still in there, use a plastic opening tool to easily remove the digitizer screen glass from being stuck to the digitizer frame. Apply heat once again if you still cannot remove the digitizer. Repeat this process until you reach the bottom/home button.
    use spudger use plastic opening tool slide plastic opening tool


  • Remove the cracked digitizer glass.
    remove cracked digitizer glass remove cracked digitizer glass


  • Gently rub your finger around the digitizer frame and feel if every corner of it is smooth. Remove the remaining shattered parts outward if there’s any. Repeat doing this until the surface of digitizer frame is smooth and free from broken pieces of digitizer screen glass.
  • Note: Be extra careful on removing the shattered part. You can use heat gun if it doesn’t come up easily.

Step2: Remove home button & front facing camera.

  • Use spudger tool to remove front facing camera & home button. Set the camera and home button aside.

remove home button remove camera lens

Step3: Remove LCD Screen Display.

  • Remove the 4 screws at the 4 corner of the LCD screen display using a Philips screw driver. Set aside screws.
    remove lcd display screws remove lcd display screws


  • Flip the LCD Screen Display carefully starting at the right side of the LCD screen display with the camera on top and the home button below. Flip it at a 90-degree position.
    remove lcd display screws remove lcd display screws


  • Detach LCD screen display’s flex cable carefully by lifting up its lever first before pulling the connector outward. Set the LCD display aside.
    remove lcd flex cable remove lcd flex cable


  • Once you’ve removed the LCD screen display, you’ll see the Touch Screen Digitizer Flex Cable that’s still connected to the board. Flip up the connector before pulling it from the board.

remove digitizer flex cable remove digitizer flex cable

Step4: Get the touch screen digitizer ready.

  • Get your Touch Screen Digitizer replacement with an adhesive, already installed to it. Otherwise, you will have to install the adhesive to it yourself.
  • Note: Do not touch the inner part of the glass. You’ll leave a finger print inside.

    replacement digitizer screen with adhesive


  • Remove the cover of the adhesive at the home button side. Install the home button.
  • Check if the home button is installed correctly by pressing it. If it pops, you are doing it correctly.
    install home button


  • Install the front facing camera back to its position as well.
    install camera lens


  • Connect the Touch Screen Digitizer Flex cable back. Just slide it in and make sure that it connects and won’t slip out.
    install digitizer glass flex cable install digitizer glass flex cable


  • Leave the Touch Screen Digitizer lying facing down, beside the digitizer frame.

Step5: Install back LCD display.

  • Connect the LCD Display back as well.
    install lcd display install lcd display


  • Put the screws back in.

install lcd display install lcd display

Step6: Install the touch screen digitizer glass.

  • Peal up the remaining adhesive cover on the Touch Screen Digitizer Glass.
  • Bend the Digitizer glass’ flex cable and make sure that it will not be seen.
  • Align the Digitizer glass right at the edge of the digitizer frame and just lay it down. Make sure that all the corners of the Touch Screen Digitizer are good.

Note: Make sure the LCD Display & the inner part of Touch Screen Digitizer is free from dust before you install the Touch Screen Digitizer glass.

install digitizer glass install digitizer glass


Now get a beer and enjoy your newly repaired iPad!

repaired digitizer glass

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