Apple iOS 10 is here: All you need to know about iOS 10

Apple’s newest iOS is out in beta today!

         It’s been a while since iOS releases their latest update on iOS which is 9.3.2 but who will think that this iOS version is still not enough and need some upgrade?  Yes, you’re absolutely right! Changes has been made after Apple announec its newest iOS update on WWDC 2016 last June 13th, 2016. All must come to an end and change your life for a better. But the big question here is: “What should we expect on their new iOS 10?”, or do we say “Is this worth upgrading for?”. So for you to know about this trending apple’s newest and latest iOS, we conduct some research to figure it out.

iOS 10 Release Date

         So lets begin with when will it be on public? Since Apple is leading its way to a continuous changes and major upgrades, they decided to release the public beta of this most awaiting iOS 10 in July and continue its journey after two more months of waiting for official release date.


iOS 10 New Features

         And we’re now here! The most awaited part of this blog is what we call features. What should we expect on this new iOS 10? Here are some preview of new iOS 10 from Apple.

“Everything you love is now even better with iOS 10, our biggest release yet. Express yourself in bold new ways in Messages. Find your route with beautifully redesigned Maps. Relive memories like never before in Photos. And use the power of Siri in more apps than ever. There’s so much to say about iOS 10 — here are just a few of our favorite things.” – Apple.

Feature 1

iOS 10: Write it yourself.

         One of the biggest  features of iOS 10 is apple making it possible for us to send a message using our own hand writing.

         Yes, this feature made possible by Apple. You’ll simply write your message in your phone just like ink flows on paper and your friends will see it animate.

iOS 10: It’s how you say it.

How do you express yourself? This time, worry no more! Say it proud, say it loud, or simple whisper it just what Apple made on their new iMessage features.

For Apple, iPhone user’s emotion is important too! So they made a features that will allow users to express their emotions via iMessage. How it works? They simply add text animation according to what do you want it appear in your receivers. This was apple idea for a better effective conversation.

See how the apple concern to their users? Let’s give them a big round of applause. But wait, continue reading and you’ll find out more!

Feature 2
Feature 3

iOS 10: Let’s celebrate.

We usually celebrate birthdays, graduations, wedding anniversary or even the day when we first met our forever partners.

But the thing is, are you with your friends, relatives, partners or family when celebrating special events in their lives? Yes, we do but sometimes, we cannot accept the fact that we have to work late and miss those celebration.

So Apple dedicated feature of iOS 10 in a situation like this. They decided to add iMessage feature in which users allow to greet their beloved ones effectively through message with animation that take over the entire screen.

Now, no need to worry on how you say things like “Happy Birthday!”, “Congratulations!”, etc. iMessage will help you express yourself.

iOS 10: Invisible ink.

And of course when we say celebrations, there’s always have a surprise.

In this new feature, Apple allows users to hide their message and simply reveal it by tapping or swiping your phone.

Another features that Apple added for their iPhone and iPad users to make their conversation more efficient.

Feature 4

This was just a few features added to their newly release iOS 10. Expect more new features of iMessage from Apple like iMessage stickers and emojis and try it with yourself but for now, come with us to discover another main features of this most awaited iOS.

iOS 10: Siri. Now open to apps.

Yes. Ofcourse. Siri has its own update too. We all know that Siri is one of the most useful features of iOS and Apple didn’t forget that. Question. What was this Siri new feature is all about? Come on! Let’s reveal it!

As what we have talking about Siri’s new features, here it is! Siri can now works with your favorite apps in App Store so you can ask it to book a ride through Lyft, or send money to someone with Square. Some of the third-party integrations coming include Uber, WhatsApp, Skype and Slack. So if you are enjoying talking to your phone, then this part was specially for you.

See how this thing called “Siri” more useful now? Seriously, this makes me so excited to upgrade my iPhone just like others.

Feature 5

Feature 6

iOS 10: Maps. Now taking reservations.

Location? You’re asking about location? iOS 10 got it too! Imagine how amazing new devices nowadays because of its feature locating your exact location.

Ofcourse iOS has the same features tho and the good news is.. They added another function of your Maps that will enable you to take a reservation table in your favorite restaurant or have a ride with Uber – all within the maps.

As what we are saying, apple get these apps smarter than ever so hang on! Be prepared for more.

iOS 10: Street smarter.

Just what we’re saying before, iOS 10 with Maps is getting smarter.

Not just letting you take a reservation with your favorite restaurants or get a ride from Uber, but can make proactive suggestions for where you’re likely to go and the fastest way to get there.  Apple also improved its navigation including traffic report integration for your better travel.

Maps can even tell you how much time will it take to arrive from your present location going to some place like coffee shop, gas station, and restaurants.

This was a few of many other areas of iOS 10. Lets explore some more!

Feature 7

Feature 8

iOS 10: Home smart home.

Aside from big change of iOS 10, it will also feature an all new native app called HOME, which can be your one-stop shop for all your connected device and smart home gear.

It is also available in control center so you can access it from the lock screen of your phone. So control your house using your phone. Amazing right?

iOS 10: Music. Redesigned.

It was good news for us that apple also considered our love in music so they decided to redesigned and give their music apps a new life from its looks to its new features.

Apple Music’s simple looks and intuitive design makes you enjoy your favorite songs easier and better ever than before. It may also provide lyrics according to what you have requested.

Feature 9
Feature 10

iOS 10: Raise to wake.

A lot simpler yet smarter when it comes to lock screen. Aside from Apple Music simple design, they also make another simple feature for better usage of lock screen.

From their old style “Slide to Unlock” version to their new simpler method of unlocking the device by just holding it as well as action notification using 3D touch.

iOS 10: Touch and go.

Getting a hard time accessing your apps? This feature is surely helps you a lot!

Use 3D Touch in apps like Calendar, Weather, and Stocks for a quick glance at the information you need.

Without actually entering those apps, you can easily access them through your home screen. Less hassle, quick response feature of iOS 10.

Feature 11
Feature 12

iOS 10: Rich notifications.

In addition to the iOS 10 features, you can now also view your photos, videos or respond in a message with just one tap using this thing called “Rich notifications”.

From its traditional design popping up at the top of your screen, notification is now much easier for your quick access.

iOS 10: Contextual predictions.

One of the most useful activity in our device is typing. So Apple made our typing session quicker and easier than ever.

This feature allow users to easily complete their message by typing like “I’m available at,” and then suddenly your calendar will popup to choose as an option.

Feature 13
Feature 14

iOS 10: Your news never looked so good.

As we’re doing our review, we’ve notice that Apple considers every activity that we can possibly done using our iPhones and iPads.

But take a look on this, Apple has done so much update on this iOS 10, and considering you’re one out of 10 people using Apple News apps, you’ll be interested in this.

With their newly redesigned News Apps, news enthusiast like you can now easily find stories, news and other trending topics that matters you the most.

iOS 10: Been there. Found that.

Taking photos is much easier now with iOS 10. Think of how much time you’ve taken while searching photos from your iPhone. Yes, it will take that long.

But with newest features of iOS, it is now easier and simpler by just typing a keyword on its search box and you’re good to go.



iOS 10: Your past, beautifully presented.

Reminiscing happy moments in your life? Yes, iOS 10 got it too! By their newly added features “Memory” in their Photo Apps, you can simply cherish memories from your past.

Let’s give a big thanks to another computer vision that Apple provided for us. It helps connect the dots between people, friends, relatives, things and even animals inside your iPhone or iPad albums.

iOS 10: Apple Pay on the web.

With Apple’s new iOS 10 feature “Apple Pay”, shopping online is now faster, safer and more private than ever before. Its just simple as browse, then pay in your browser.

Apple Pay support for purchases on select websites, which can be authenticated via Apple Watch or iPhone.



iOS 10: Multilingual typing.

And of course, the last but not the very least, the Apple’s Multilingual typing which is the ability of user to type two different language at the same time without even switching between keyboards.


Apple has really done a lot of changes in this update, but with these features, does our iPhones and iPads can really work on it very well? Aside from changes, what else do we need to consider? Is really iOS 10 is a worth updating for?

So the question now is, which device supports iOS 10? Take a look at the image below.

iOS 10 Compatible Device

ios compatibility

         All iPhones starting iPhone 5 are compatible with iOS 10. One of the good ability of this iOS is that it consume less memory compared to other iOS versions. To check your iPhone or iPad model, go to Settings > About Phone.

         If you’re device model listed above, then you’re surely required to update your current iOS to iOS 10. It will going to take lesser space, enhance your device battery life and also come with a couple of power saving features.

“Be ready, be prepared and expect a big change.”

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